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Innovation in legal services

Globalisation and technology are changing the way we all do business.

Zeren is Chapman Tripp’s technology and innovation business. We use technology to deliver legal documentation and advice in new ways. Our services reduce cost, save time and allow you “serve yourself” legal advice through the cloud.

Chapman Tripp’s legal, client and business knowledge is built into leading technology platforms to solve your business challenges.

You can have confidence knowing the documents you create, and associated business processes, have been designed and tested by New Zealand’s leading law firm, to meet your unique requirements.

Work in new ways

Work in new ways

Fast & flexible

Fast and flexible

Innovative pricing

Innovative pricing

Quality assurance

Quality assurance


Streamline your legal documentation

Automatically generate legal documents through dynamic, web-based forms based on existing legal and business templates – either yours or Chapman Tripp’s. Use workflows to trigger internal reviews and approvals or to connect with external stakeholders. Store your documents, as well as capture the data they contain, to improve activities such as contract management, risk management and other business processes.

Self-service advice and compliance systems

Our expert advice applications allow business users and compliance officers to automate repetitive legal advice, compliance and risk review tasks through the cloud. Once completed, the result is stored for future reference, or if the need for assistance is triggered, sent to internal or external compliance or legal reviewers pre-packed for their advice.

Work smarter with artificial intelligence

Zeren and Chapman Tripp partner with Luminance to deliver artificial intelligence for large-scale document reviews. Luminance uses machine learning technology to speed up contract review processes, such as M&A due diligence. The system sorts, clusters and classifies an entire data room, presenting it in an intuitive visualisation dashboard, giving lawyers immediate insight. This saves valuable time and resources and allows project team members to focus on interpreting the results and informing/refining their strategy.

Extend powerfully

Our partnerships with proven external technology suppliers allow us to extend our workflow and automation platform to connect with client systems and enable complex procurement and contract management, as used in the financial services sector or government departments.

Together with Chapman Tripp, Zeren also offers a hybrid legal/technology service, where automation is combined with legal services from Chapman Tripp, resulting in efficient processes and documentation that incorporates expert legal advice.



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Zeren’s team is led by highly regarded Chapman Tripp technology partner Bruce McClintock. Experienced Chapman Tripp lawyers work hand in hand with our technical specialists to build technology solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

Bruce McClintock | Lead partner

Tim Sherman | Projects lead

James Fuller | Commercial & Consulting Director

Sue Dixon | Solutions Consultant


We’re focused on using the right tools to achieve your objectives. Meet our technology partners.